OUR Mission
To empower creatives in His image.
At Maker Studio, our mission is to cultivate the gifts and passions of our students in the creative arts while also fostering a deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through intentional mentorship, hands-on workshops, and opportunities for worship and performance, we aim to equip and inspire individuals to use their unique abilities for God's glory and to make a positive impact in the world. By combining discipleship with the arts, we strive to create a community of artists who are empowered to boldly share their talents and bring joy, hope, and beauty to those around them.
Jess Rodriguez
Meet Jess Rodriguez, a creative soul who approaches life with boundless energy and a thirst for adventure. At a young age, she found her faith under a mossy tree and since then, has been guided by a steadfast purpose.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Georgia State University, where she honed her skills in painting and printmaking, Jess's journey has taken her to unexpected places. During a study abroad trip to Costa Rica, she discovered her love for murals and met her future husband, a Spanish-speaking local.

Jess has served as a Training Director at Chick-fil-A, Worship Minister, Spanish, Voice, and Art teacher, and most recently, as a professional life coach for busy creatives. She is a proud mother of five and a published singer-songwriter (click to listen), who has always been driven by her passion to encourage and inspire others. One of the highlights of her life was the opportunity to mentor teens while teaching at Trinity Christian School.

Jess is thrilled to be at the forefront of the creative community through HeART Encounters, a movement that is guided by her faith and her love for art.
Allie Haydon
Introducing Allie Haydon, a multi-talented creative who has been making things since she was a child. From painting and singing to woodworking and jewelry making, Allie has tried her hand at a variety of art forms.

She received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech and initially pursued a career as a User Experience Designer, but soon discovered that her true calling was in the creative arts. After a life-changing encounter with the Lord, Allie found her passion in songwriting and performing (under the artist name Haydon, (click to see her Spotify) and teaching others how to express themselves creatively.

She has taught creative classes to both students and adults, and has even led presentations on the creative problem-solving process at companies such as The Home Depot and Thorn, a non-profit dedicated to ending child exploitation.

Allie is proud to be a part of HeART Encounters, a creative community where she can equip students with both creative proficiency and a deeper understanding of their faith in Jesus. The journey to creating HeART Encounters has been a testament to God's guiding hand, and Allie is eager to share her love for the arts with the next generation of creative minds.